Loka Wellness | Discover the wonders of Tanner’s Cassia tea!
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Discover the wonders of Tanner’s Cassia tea!

Discover the wonders of Tanner’s Cassia tea!

If you stand the risk of being diabetic, you could switch from green tea to the tea of Tanner’s-Cassia flowers. It’s a legume tree and grows in dry regions of India. In recent times, focus on plant research has increased all over the world and a large body of evidence has collected to show immense potential of the antidiabetic, hypolipidemic and antioxidant effects of Tanner’s Cassia.

Tanner’s-Cassia tea is extremely simple to make.

Boil the dried flower in water, and for further taste and nutrition, a mixture of ginger powder, pepper and coriander powder can also be added to it. To this mixture, add lemon, and you will have a cup of immensely healthy and tasty tea. This tea keeps the body hydrated, is full of antioxidants that keeps the skin and body healthy, is very good for diabetic patients, treats excessive thirst and painful urination very effectively.

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