Prevention & Intervention


What to Expect

We will work on 10 sessions, once every two weeks.  We will meet either in person or over skype/facetime. During the first session, which is usually about an hour long, we will get all the paperwork out of the way, we will have a visioning exercise where you would vision yourself in total wellness 6 months to a year from now. The next 9 sessions are about 25 to 30 minutes long. The sessions are paced at 2-week intervals. We would explore your vision and your values.

I’m currently taking on clients who want to reverse metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, pre-diabetes, and others through diet alone.

Mithra Amaran

President & Chief Health Coach

I take care of mental & physical health

I teach how to empower yourself to make lifestyle changes in easy steps to reverse diseases and lead a healthier happier life.

One-on-one coaching

Helps you reaching your wellness goals

Helps you identify obstacles 


  • Mithra is an amazing health coach. With her coaching, I now feel better mentally, physically, and spiritually. The change -- for me -- has been dramatic. My mind would race 24/7 -- now I've learned how to focus and have a better outlook on life. She helped me find ways to calm my stomach and temperament, and I've noticed an improvement in my relationships with the people around me. I am forever grateful to Mithra... as she's blessed me beyond words.
    Travis H.
  • Thank you for your amazing life transforming coaching, In such a short amount of coaching time, I am feeling empowered by the understanding I have gained and am much more capable of developing healthy relationships with both myself and others and I also have deeper awareness and acceptance of myself, others and my environment. Thank you!
    T. K.
  • Some aspects of the Integrated Health coaching are outside my comfort zone, but I needed to do something different. Mithra has focused me on a few priorities, continually challenging what I can do to achieve them, and articulating my goals and action items. Best of all, I am seeing results on both goals, and feel accountable to continue.
    Linda Zappula
  • Mithra's coaching sessions have been very valuable in helping me and my business partner to start our new business - Happy Brains Academy, Inc. We reached out to her after a previous failed attempt to get the business off the ground. She professionally guided us through a process that provided us the catalyst to successful launch. She helped us to vision our business model, focus on our goals and action items. She has been a gentle driving force who motivates us and we have been seamlessly getting action items done before our bi-weekly meetings.
    Dr. Latha Venkatesh, MD

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