Loka Wellness | Say Goodbye to BackPain
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Say Goodbye to BackPain

We all know how debilitating low back pain could be. We would never want to be sidelined from a workout, wondering if something went seriously wrong. And sitting at a desk for eight hours a day certainly doesn’t help. For most of us, the key to preventing and relieving low back pain is to simply keep moving. Too much of “rest and be careful of what you do” advice, can make your muscles lose conditioning and tone. Being on prolonged bed rest does nothing for your mental health and sense of well-being either. The best approach to nip back pain in the bud,┬áis to exercise your muscles and get them back to work. Perform this yoga posture everyday and start building muscle endurance; start performing your normal tasks efficiently and safely without threat to your low back.


Dorsal Stretch

While inhaling, slowly raise your head, bring your arms to shoulder level (parallel to the ground), Hold this position with normal breath, for as long as your are comfortable. While exhaling, rest your head, neck and shoulders on the floor and relax. Repeat 5 times.

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